Money Transfer System "SONIYA"

The OJSC "Bank Eskhata" offers to financial institutions to become participants in the payment system “Soniya”. It is the first national system of instant money transfers without opening an account, which is operated by the OJSC "Bank Eskhata".
Today, payment system “Soniya” is more than 350 service points throughout the area of the Republic of Tajikistan

Obvious advantages of the “Soniya”:

  • favourable tariff policy that satisfies interests of “Soniya” clients and participants;
  • free providing software and information and technical support as well;
  • Use only certified information security devices;
  • “Soniya” software is designed to work in partner banks with well-developed branch network;
  • user-friendly interface , adaptable to your Bank’s ABS;
  • diverse advertising support;

We are ready to offer a reputable bank quality, fast-paced product that will help you to:
  • receive additional regular fee income;
  • increase the customer base;
  • expand the bank's product line.
Specialists of the OJSC "Bank Eskhata" are always ready to send to your address more system details about the “Soniya”. To do this, you are welcome to contact us by the phone number:

+992 44 600 0 600