Press-release: Eskhata Bank has simplified the online opening of deposits

Press-release: Eskhata Bank has simplified the online opening of deposits

Eskhata Bank has updated "Deposits" section in Eskhata Online mobile application. Now it has become much easier to choose the right type of contribution based on your plans and capabilities and issue it. 

This can be much faster than in a bank branch, and will take only a few seconds, and all the information necessary for making a decision is very conveniently structured: 

  • The deposit agreement can be viewed, downloaded, saved, printed, sent by mail or using any messenger immediately after the deposit is opened. Now you do not need to go to a bank branch to get a paper contract;
  • The income and interest rate on the deposit are automatically calculated when the parameters of the term and amount of the deposit are changed. The client immediately sees his potential income;
  • The maximum rate, the possibility of withdrawal and replenishment, the minimum term and amount are indicated on the main page of "Eskhata Online" in the "Deposits" section;
  • All operations under the contract — opening, accrual of interest, crediting and debiting of funds, the ability to download a statement of operations are available in Eskhata Online;

«We have tried to simplify the process as much as possible, so today a client can open a deposit without visiting the bank in a few clicks. If the deposit opening is not displayed in Eskhata Online, you need to update the mobile application. All the key characteristics of the contribution are available, it is convenient to open them as needed" - said the Head of the Digital Business Department, Saydullohoja Nasulloev.


Eskhata Bank: Together to success!

Reference: "Eskhata Bank" OJSC is one of the largest participants in the banking services market of Tajikistan, carrying out all the main types of banking operations accepted in international financial practice.

The main shareholders of "Eskhata Bank" OJSC are individuals-residents of the Republic of Tajikistan and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The dynamic development of the bank and its stability is confirmed by international ratings from the leading rating agency Moody's Investors Service: the B3 rating, like all previous assessments, is successful for Eskhata Bank, as it shows a high degree of detail of the loan portfolio, the bank's focus in the field of microfinance and retail trade, good financial indicators, including asset quality, liquidity and profitability. 

Digitalization is one of the priority areas for Eskhata Bank. The Bank is working on the creation and improvement of online services, providing customers with a choice of online services, as well as increasing sales using digital channels.


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