Receive Eskhata Bank cards for free!

Receive Eskhata Bank cards for free!

Were you planning to purchase a convenient card for use within the country and receive a money transfer? Get it for free!

Yes, for free! Now you can get Korti Milli, Korti Yagona and the local Eskhata Bank card of free! In addition, the remaining funds on the card will increase by 3% per annum!

With cards from Eskhata Bank, you can freely pay for purchases and services at all points of trade and service, withdraw cash from round-the-clock ATMs, pay for online purchases through Eskhata Online mobile bank, as well as receive money transfers from Russia. 

To order a card, you can contact the nearest bank branch or order it for free in Eskhata online the mobile bank:  

Hurry up to get your card free!

The promotion is valid until September 10, 2021.


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