Eskhata Bank: “We are with you since birth!”

Eskhata Bank: “We are with you since birth!”

The birth of a child is always a great and long-awaited happiness. And to think about his bright and prosperous future from the moment of birth is the task of parents.

Eskhata Bank visited newborn babies and presented them with certificates in the amount of 200 TJS as an initial contribution to a children's term deposit in Eskhata Bank. The promotion was held as part of the Day of Savings and was aimed at helping to increase financial literacy, in particular, instilling a culture of savings.

50 kiddies received gift certificates and essential supplies for newborns, and their mothers were pleased and happy.

The promotional action took place in the cities and districts of Asht, Spitamen, Mastcha, Penjikent, Vahdat, Gissar, Kulyab, Bokhtar, Yavan and Jaihun.

«Every year Eskhata Bank organizes and conducts social campaigns within the framework of the Day of Savings, and often these are educational programs for schoolchildren and students. This year we decided to diversify our campaign and included the presentation of gift certificates to mothers of newborn babies. Having applied to Eskhata Bank with a certificate, parents can open an urgent children's deposit "Bachagona" (childish) in the name of their child and periodically replenish it. If you take this issue seriously and invest your money wisely, you can ensure a safe start for your child into adulthood» - said Sayora Kholova, HR employee of the bank and responsible specialist for social projects.

When we asked what purpose you plan to save money for, most mothers answered that it is for the child's education. It is gratifying that parents are already thinking about the future education of their children, we just need to guide them on the right path and support them.

We wish all the lovely children good health. Let them grow up to be good people, worthy citizens of Tajikistan, and our small investment will be a good start to their future well-being.

Eskhata Bank is with you since birth!

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