We are evaluated by Moody's rating Agency

We are evaluated by Moody's rating Agency

Despite the situation related to the global pandemic and its negative impact on the economy, Eskhata Bank continues to move steadily forward. This is confirmed by getting another "B3" rating from the Moody's Investors Service independent rating Agency.

Banks rated as "B" have high financial stability and differ in stability and reliability.
The evaluation reflects the Bank's positive reputation and image, well-developed brand, and satisfactory financial performance, including asset quality, liquidity, and profitability.
If a Bank has an international ranking, it means that it operates in an open and transparent manner.
The rating assigned to the Bank is once again a reason for customers to choose Eskhata Bank.  

Learn more about the Bank's ratings: http://eskhata.com/about/bank/banks_rating.php

Information: Moody's Investors Service rating Agency has the greatest weight and influence in the banking sector around the world and is one of the big three international rating agencies. The rating from the Agency is the opinion of analysts based on the assessment of the Bank's financial statements and additional information.

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