Every employee of the Bank feels like a part of one big and friendly family!

Every employee of the Bank feels like a part of one big and friendly family!

Eskhata Bank is one big family where employees feel like active participants of all processes. When new achievements and successes occur in the Bank, employees know that they are involved in this, because it is the result of teamwork. 

"Based on the results of interviews and surveys, we can say with confidence that more than 80% of employees are proud to work at Eskhata Bank. This is also indicated by the questionnaires of applicants who want to see Eskhata Bank as their employer and sometimes even re-submit the questionnaires if they did not pass the stages of staff selection earlier. In just 9 months of 2020, we have reviewed more than 1100 questionnaires. According to the results of the try-outs, the best ones get a place in Eskhata Bank and after passing the initial assessment period, they become a full part of our friendly team" - said Nodira Halimova, the head of the HR Department of Eskhata Bank».

When selecting staff, the Bank gives preference to purposeful, energetic, hard-working and initiative young people who are striving for professional growth. As well as female applicants who meet the requirements for candidates for the vacant position.

Every employee of the Bank has the opportunity to move up through the ranks. To do this, you just need to work well, have the necessary qualities of a manager, constantly engage in self-development and realize your potential. 

"We successfully implement personnel training programs for various categories of specialists. For the development of middle management, we use the personnel reserve program, TOP management takes courses to obtain modern knowledge and skills, participates in coaching and experience exchange programs. As you know, in order for a company to remain competitive and meet a dynamically developing market, employees must constantly develop. This is why the Bank's personnel development sector pays special attention to training," said Malika Alimbayeva, head of the Bank's personnel development sector.

The Bank's employees are like-minded and support the success of the Bank. In turn, a sense of unity, loyalty of employees and a common vision of goals and objectives create an excellent environment for increasing the number of competent personnel. Employees get the opportunity to discover their talents, realize their potential and receive material and non-material remuneration for this. And what could be better than coming to work with great pleasure, feeling that your work will be appreciated and feel like part of one big and friendly family!


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