100 more people became the lucky owners of a cash prize from Eskhata Bank

100 more people became the lucky owners of a cash prize from Eskhata Bank

The second round of "Hamkadami Zamon" promotion ended and 100 more clients of Eskhata Bank who received money transfers by Bank transfer won 600 TJS each. The prize Fund of the second round of the Promotion was 60,000 TJS. 
The ID numbers of the winners are posted on the website of Eskhata Bank: 

For those who have not yet managed to become a participant of the Promotion, we remind that the third round is waiting for you, which will end in mid-October. Now 100 cash prizes of 900 TJS will be acted out. 

We remind you that in early July, the Bank announced the launch of “Hamkadami Zamon” promotion, which consists of three intermediate rounds and the last final round. According to the results of the last round, 12 cash prizes in the sum of 10,000 TJS will be drawn, as well as the MAIN PRIZE of the promotion is a Hyundai Accent car purchased from «Hyundai Auto Tajikistan".

To become a participant of the Promotion, you need to get money transfer in the amount of at least 5000 Russian rubles to Eskhata Bank card, mobile wallet or Bank account. According to the terms of the promotion, the recipient will be assigned an ID number, which will participate in the drawing of valuable prizes. 

Get money in an instant, as well as the opportunity to win valuable prizes, as part of the prize Fund of "Hamkadami Zamon" promotion.

There are only two rounds left, so hurry up to take advantage of the chance and possibly become the owner of the main prize - the Hyundai Accent car.


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