"Bank Eskhata" mission

Mission of Bank Eskhata is contribution to the national economic development by means of supporting micro, small and medium businesses with the view to improve living standards in the Republic of Tajikistan.

"Bank Eskhata" vision

Our vision is strengthening customers’ loyalty, as well as gaining confidence of global financial institutions and our partners that enable us to become one of the leaders in financial market of Tajikistan, for our employees, shareholders and the society to prosper.

Values of "Bank Eskhata"

Employees of Bank Eskhata are the assets which provide our sustainability, thanks to them we succeed and prosper. We employ the best and highly qualified personnel of Tajikistan. We build our capacity by promoting and rewarding employees according to their input and performance indicators.

  • Trust and convenience: our performance is focused to achieve our main objectives: to ensure the trust of our customers and their comfort in financial world.
  • Reliability: the timely fulfillment of obligations, the timely effecting payment instructions.
  • Transparency: openness and honesty, ratings that in aggregate guarantee the maximum of confidence.
  • Confidentiality: ensuring of banking secrecy.
  • Innovations: the use of modern IT for business optimization and provision of the latest banking services.
  • Solidarity: we form a strong team having common views and values.
  • We are bound together both morally and in strength: we hold a healthy lifestyle and reach sporting success. Bringing our forces together we achieve our objectives.