You have a dream of a car, but do not have enough funds?

Lending amount is from USD 100 to USD 10001 in the national currency equivalent!

  • from 28% to 24% for USD
  • from 36% to 32% for TJS

Special offer "Bovari"

You regularly receive money transfers? Then this offer is just for you!

  • Up to 15 001 somoni
  • No collateral or guarantors
  • Within 1 day

Long-term cooperation builds trust!


Trade Financing

We know how to help you to achieve success in international trade transactions!

  • lower cost compared to conventional credit;
  • involvement to the turnover of significant financial resources;
  • -minimize the risks and costs of funding.


Private credits for private businessmen

  • Amount of 100 to 20 000 USD
  • Loan term: up to 2 years

Aspiring to the heights of success, develop your business using micro loans from the Bank Eskhata.


Money Transfers

We're getting closer to our customers

to provide convenient and quality service in the field of money transfers.

  • Instant money transfer systems
  • and the transfer of local and foreign currency

Rohi Safed

We help migrant workers to purchase travel tickets

  • Amount of 100 to 1001 USD
  • In the national and foreign currencies
  • From 38 to 34% per annum

Multi-purpose consumer loans

"Not now...", "...very hard!", "impossible..."

Leave your doubts and plan your future!

With the multi-purpose consumer loans from the Bank Eskhata your plans come true!


Plastic bank cards

With plastic cards from the Bank Eskhata is conveniently at home and abroad.

The Bank offers its customers bank cards of all categories:

local cards, Maestro, Visa Electron Non-Personalized, VISA Electron, VISA Classic and more prestigious VISA Gold.


Currency rate for Legal Entities

On 26 November 2020 NBT(TJS)
USD US Dollar 11.3000
EUR EURO 13.4391
RUB Russian Rubl 0.1487
USD US Dollar 11.3000
EUR EURO 13.4391
RUB Russian Rubl 0.1487
Bank Eskhata Buy ↑↓ Sell ↑↓
Currency converter Graph for last 30 days




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